Will a Cannabis Topical Make you Fail your Drug Test?

Are you a cannabis user? Then you probably are familiar with the amazing medicinal benefits the herb can offer to its users. From chronic pain to depression to even cancer, the herb can provide relief in so many critical health conditions. And due to this very reason, a myriad of people are now applying for Marijuana Evaluations in Bakersfield and many other places.

But with cannabis becoming an important part of our lives, the thing that stresses people the most is a drug test. We know marijuana is a drug and can show positive in any drug screening. And failing a drug test can be a very big deal for some people. Therefore, either people simply avoid using it, or try to find a way that they don’t fail the test.

Drug Test

But is there really any such way available?

Maybe there is!!!

As you are a cannabis user, you probably have heard about the cannabis topicals. They are widely popular, even among the non-traditional cannabis users, due to their amazing pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. And with the cannabis market expanding so rapidly, their use is now spreading at a much wider scale.

But can you pass a drug test after using cannabis topicals? Let’s find out.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

Topicals are the products that, instead of consuming orally, are applied directly to the skin. Balms, ointments, salves, etc. are some of the examples of topicals. As they are applied directly to the body, they are not used as a recreational substance, but instead only for therapeutic purposes.

These products can be used to target the problematic areas directly, and are quite useful in providing some good relief in pain and inflammation. But there are two main questions here. Firstly, will they get you high? And secondly, will you fail your drug test after using them?

Will You Get High?

Topicals contain a lot of cannabinoids. And among all, CBD is the most common one. But we all know that CBD has a plethora of medicinal benefits but does not have any psychoactive effects.

However, there are many topical products that do have some amount of THC. And THC is widely famous for making the users high. Therefore, being skeptical is quite understandable. However, when we apply the product, our skin acts as a protective barrier. The cannabinoids in the product bind with the CB receptors present in the skin, muscles, and nerves. But they get all absorbed before they could enter our blood. And we all know, THC can get you high only when it reaches the brain, which it cannot do without entering the blood.

medicinal benefits

Will You Fail Your Drug Test?

As topicals can’t get you high, you won’t fail your drug test. Yes, it’s true. But there are some exceptional cases.
Have you ever heard of “Transdermal Patches”? These are just like nicotine patches and give a strong dosage of ingredients to the user that has the chance of reaching the blood too. So, if you are using THC-rich transdermal patches, you may fail a drug test.

Final Advice

Cannabis is detectable in your body even after months when you last consumed it. For instance, a hair follicle drug test can identify THC in your body even after three months. Therefore, if you are switching to topicals, it’s better to consider when you last consumed cannabis in order to check if you may fail a drug test or not.

Also, even if the topicals cannot test make you fail your drug test, it’s better to handle it with care. Touching your eyes or mouth after you touch the topical may lead to THC entering your body. And this may put you at risk of failing a drug screening.
In the end, if you think cannabis can help you with any of your physical or psychological conditions, you should definitely apply for medical marijuana evaluations in Bakersfield. An MMJ card can save you from a lot of risks that are involved with failing a drug test. But remember, the laws may differ from state to state. So, do your research beforehand.

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