Why California Medical Card Is The Need Of The Hour?

California Medical Card is like the string of hope that is helping thousands of patients live a life they could not even imagine. 

But, is it the same for the ones that prefer recreational approach for consuming cannabis. 

Well no!!

But imagine, 

What it would be like to have medicine in your closet all the time?

Completely life savior. 

Isn’t it?

Now, you must be thinking that why would a recreational user need cannabis as a medicine. 

Hang on!! It is what people actually look for when going to any adult-use cannabis dispensary. 

Don’t agree?

Well, here is research which confirmed the same. 

Use of Cannabis to Relieve Pain and Promote Sleep by Customers at an Adult Use Dispensary

Published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, July 2019


Cannabis is the herb of choice of relieving pain for thousands of years. 

In the year 2017, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a report confirming that cannabis consumption was effective for relieving symptoms of pain along with inducing sleep in patients with acute sleep disorder issues. 

One of the reasons why it has emerged as an alternative treatment choice for the same after the legalization of cannabis in a lot of states for medicinal and recreational purposes. 

Even the people consuming recreationally are actually looking for cannabis as an alternative to the popular analgesics and sleep aids. 

So, it’s fair that people with California Medical Card are thinking of getting their conditions improved using medical marijuana. 

About The Study

Two stores in Colorado United States held a survey between August 2016 and October 2016. In this, the store members asked their customers the reason for their cannabis consumption. 

Out of the 1000 customers, more than 60% of the ones confirmed using cannabis for relieving their pain and other 70% of the respondents confirmed that using cannabis was better than using any analgesic. 

Another lot revealed that they used cannabis for sleep disorders and that more than 80% confirmed its efficacy as a sleep inducer. 

What Does This Research Imply?

Whether you are consuming cannabis recreationally or with a California Medical Card, cannabis effective in getting rid of pain or alleviating symptoms affecting your daily activities in one or the other way. 

So, making mm recommendations accessible to everyone in need of treatment must be on a priority for the state agencies instead of declaring it as an illegal drug.

This research is also an eye-opener that research needs to be extensive in the case of cannabis that will help to identify the conditions that it can play a part in. 


More than 33 states have already recognized the potential of cannabis as a therapeutic aid. But, it’s time to legalize it across the entire nation on a federal level. 

This will give a chance to people to enroll themselves for medical cannabis therapy using California medical card or MMJ cards in their particular states. 

Making it possible for them to access a range of cannabis strains and products as support for their medical condition. 

For a stress and pain-free life, choose medical cannabis instantly.

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