Think Again About Using Bakersfield Marijuana With Your Heart Medications

Every second counts. Well, at least, it’s the case for heart patients. A heart patient dies every 37 seconds in the United States. 1 out of every death in the country is because of one or the other heart condition. Like any other known condition, Bakersfield marijuana seems to be a cure for this medical issue as well. Surveys predict more than 2 million Americans already using cannabis as an adjunct therapy with their current medications.

However, recently a survey found that the drug might interact with some common heart medications such as statins or blood thinners. Simply put, you might be at risk if you don’t stop either of the therapy. 

Talking About The Review

The scientists working on this report revealed that using marijuana while on statins could change the course of action of these drugs. It is because of the enzymes in the liver that break down statins or thinners. They work for marijuana s well. So, the effectiveness of the potency reduces in the presence of the weed. For instance, marijuana might enhance the levels of blood thinners in the body which result in excessive bleeding. Therefore, marijuana doctors ask their patients using Bakersfield marijuana to cut down on dosage by 30% when using warfarin.


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On the other hand, marijuana might increase the potency of the statins, increasing blood pressure. Your doctor must know about your prescription medications so that he/she can adjust your dosage accordingly. According to a study “What is the Current Knowledge About the Cardiovascular Risk for Users of Cannabis-Based Products?” there might be an association between marijuana use and a range of heart conditions. Some scientists believe that smoking cannabis could be a risk factor for cardiovascular health issues. They think that the cardiotoxins produced by the weed could be risky for such patients. 

Another report found that more than 30 studies showed that marijuana smoking was among the top three heart attack triggers. Because smoking weed could result in increased heart rate or blood pressure. Some studies even pointed to the fact that marijuana could contribute to an increase in weight. And that could itself be a risk on the heart. 

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Should You Use Bakersfield Marijuana For Your Heart Condition?

Only a few scientists advocate the fact that marijuana could be beneficial for cardiovascular health. Think about it; there are many medications that have some severe effects when taken with other prescribed medications. It could happen. So, what is so surprising if marijuana might be responsible for something? It’s the patient that needs to be transparent about their medical history when applying for a medical marijuana card renewal. Also, the way users ingest marijuana might play a role in the development of heart diseases. A data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System found that more than 80% of the users prefer smoking marijuana.


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Shifting to other options posing limited threats will be the key to stopping such cardiovascular events. For instance, you can go for tinctures, sublingual, oils, or concentrates in appropriate doses to prevent heart attacks. Using Bakersfield marijuana with clear instructions helps patients avoid any serious effects. 

Bottom Line 

One cannot control the use of marijuana when everyone across the country is finally accepting its presence. So, the first step towards a blissful connection will be if you have an open discussion with your family doctor or medical marijuana specialists. It is advised to avoid weed if you are already a heart patient. Based on the reports or surveys, patients with recent heart attacks or the ones hospitalized for heart issues must never use marijuana or limit its use. Just have clear counseling about the products and dosage you can use if you already are on any prescriptions. 

The best thing to avoid something big is to pay attention to your body. See if marijuana is affecting your heartbeats in any way. One of the professors at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland stated that keeping a close watch on palpitations, pounds, or beat skipping will help to avoid any severe after-effects. Using Bakersfield marijuana is not a bad thing. But, understanding that it is not perfect for every situation will prevent any heart attacks. Just talk to your doctor and understand the pros and cons. 

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