Eating Cannabis Throughout The Ages

Smoking cannabis is the most common way of consuming it. But another way that is quickly catching up is ingesting cannabis. Smoking makes you feel the high almost instantly bit edibles you have to wait a bit.

But all of that wasn’t always the case; eating hash was a regular occurrence for thousands of years. It is now in line to make a comeback as the market opens up because of the relaxation of laws surrounding them. So, in the spirit of the rise of edibles, we are now going to try and trace the history of edibles.

Middle Stone Age

Humans found cannabis. Around 50,000 years ago, when humans were consuming any plant they could find, a human decided to stuff this particular plant down their throat. To their surprise, they found that it had a sticky resin and gave a good body buzz.

In those times, they began cultivating the plant alongside the existing food, fiber, and medicine. This age is the one that marked a great leap forward in terms of human evolution. We grew as a civilization, and it is the beginning of music, art, agriculture, and religion.

The Islamic Golden Age and Ancient India

Historians found evidence of a hash-filled confection by the name of Mahjoun prevalent all over ancient India and the Middle East.

The place of origin is Persia from where it made its way to India, and after a point in time, you had two cultures, both getting high from sweet and savory versions of this treat. But it got a bad rep primarily because of the reasons people were using it, from brainwashing to making people more complacent. Also, there was no dosage control, and that made people a little too high. So, basically not a fun high at all.

But this was Persia; in India, it took the happy route to become a celebratory substance. Additionally, a potent wafer called charas and a drink called bhang was widely available.

When the US forced every country to outlaw cannabis, mahjong, and charas went into hiding, but bhang remained and is still available all over the country.

Medieval Times

There are references to cannabis as a great medicine for the centuries leading up to the revolution that is taking place right now.

It was a painkiller to use after surgery; there is an account that calls it the reason behind a woman’s good mood. A porridge for men called the joy porridge was also made.

Cambodia used cannabis as a seasoning for centuries, especially in Khmer foods, where it was an essential part of their cuisine. Indonesian natives Acehnese were also liberal in their usage of cannabis. Greece has green cannabis seeds steeped in wines.

The 1800s

Hash had caught up and spread to Europe and America. This was mainly because of the spread of mahjong amongst the masses. There were clubs across Europe and America that had mahjoun along with datura and opium in circulation. But the only people who went to these lounges were the people with money to spare. For others, the Gunjah Wallah Company was the supplier. They produced hash-based maple candies.

In Paris, Dawamesk, a variant of mahjoun, had come into prominence as a form of consumption. Rumors say it has Spanish fly and opium as its possible ingredients.
But at the turn of the century, the tides had begun changing, and the candy production had shut down.

The 1900s

A revolution began in Jamaica and the Rastafarian culture began to gain prominence. The Rastafarian ital diet started picking up a pace where people were stepping away from processed food to a natural palate. It included fresh fruits, vegetables, and cannabis.

Then came a book – “The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook,” with a recipe for Hashish Fudge, the kind that was a play on Mahjoun. This turned into brownies, and from there, it was a revolution. As cannabis was still illegal in the US, people sold it in underground shops for the longest time.

Netherlands liberal cannabis laws allowed for the start of the cannabis coffee shop culture. “Space Cakes” was the name given to edibles. Tourists could also get them from local Jamaican shops but they hardly ever had them on their own.

The 2000s

As laws have evolved understanding of cannabis has also increased. People have begun to look forward to a safer form of consumption. As long as you can figure out the dosage and not overindulge, you should be able to enjoy the experience.

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