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Is it Possible to Get a Contact High From Cannabis?

Do you ever think that you could get high by sitting around people smoking cannabis? Well, it’s not just you who wonders about it. For medical patients who are continuously around people while smoking cannabis, this question takes a fraction of their worries too. There are reports about people developing lung and respiratory diseases after inhaling secondhand smoke from tobacco smokers. So what’s so different about cannabis? Is the concept of passive smoking true for medical cannabis too?

Well, we are going to dive into it today. So read along to find out if contact high is real and what an MMJ doctor has to say about it.

What is Contact High?

Before we get into the details, it is best to understand the concept of contact high first. As you must have deciphered from the name, contact high is the concept of getting high by coming in contact with cannabis smoke.

Now, cannabis is psychoactive and is full of cannabinoids that cause an intoxicating feeling in the consumer. For a smoker, the inhalation does the trick of delivering the chemicals to the blood and causing a psychoactive effect or a high. But according to the concept of contact high, inhaling the exhaled smoke of cannabis can also cause a non-smoker to get high. So, if you have someone around you while you smoke your daily dose of medical herb, they may or may not end up feeling the same effects as you.

But this situation of contact high is concluded assuming the presence of cannabinoids in the exhaled smoke. So, are there any cannabinoids or THC left in the exhaled smoke? The answer is not straightforward.

Presence of THC in Exhaled Smoke

Contact high will stand true only if we can prove that the exhaled smoke is potent enough to affect a non-smoker. So is the exhaled cannabis smoke potent? A faint yes.

All the cannabis that one consumes is not 100 percent bioavailable. In simple words, not all cannabinoids in the smoke will be absorbed in the blood. In that case, there will be some level of THC and other cannabinoids present in the exhaled smoke. However, the level of the same is very subjective.

The potency of exhaled smoke will be based on several determining factors. For starters, let’s talk about the smoking technique of the consumer. If a smoker is experienced, he or she will know how much to inhale and for how long to get the best effects. In that case, you may not get a lot of residual cannabinoids in the smoke. But, in the case of a beginner, the exhaled smoke’s potency may be more. Similarly, factors such as the potency of the strain and the delivery method (joints or vapes) also affect the final result.

So is this potency enough to get a non-smoker high? Here’s the answer.

Will You Get High From Secondhand Smoke?

The answer to this question is yes and no. It’ll make sense when you read ahead.

Many experiments have been conducted to understand the concept of contact smoke. One of the most famously known studies is the one published by NCBI where two groups, consisting of both smokers and non-smokers are kept in a ventilated as well as non-ventilated rooms. The smokers are given a joint to smoke while the other half of the people are still in the room. The results were surprising in both cases.

In the former scenario, THC was present in the body but not enough to get a positive drug test and get high. In the second setup, the non-smokers experienced mild effects with traces of THC in their urine test too.

What’s The Conclusion?

If you are smoking around people in a ventilated setting such as an open room or garden, there is little to no risk of contact high. However, there may be some degree of contact in case the smokers and non-smokers are in an enclosed space with no ventilation. In urban slang, this scenario is called a hot box.

A cannabis doctor suggests being considerate of the comfort of other people and smoking in a private space only.

So, next time you are smoking around your family or are around cannabis smokers, remember to be in a ventilated area to avoid contact.

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Is Cannabis Addictive? Let’s Talk More About it!

The answer is NO! Well, it’s listed in the bracket of Schedule-1 drugs which raises questions on its validity as a herb. That’s why it carries a reputation that it is addictive. If you talk to a cannabis doctor, he or she will tell you about the full medicinal potential it holds. Cannabis works best if you take it in a specified dose that is suited for your body.

Excess Consumption Spoils The Reputation of The Herb

Excess of anything is bad. The same applies to cannabis. So, if you ingest it in excess, you will face intoxicating effects on your health. Cannabis users seem to dose heavily. Whether it is smoking or consuming edibles if you do it in excess, you will feel the need to do it over and over again. Plus, you will feel lazy and unproductive. In other words, you will be zoned out. So, when non-cannabis users see this behavior, it gives them the impression that cannabis is bad for the body. As a result, there is a general sense that cannabis users are irresponsible and addicts.

Cannabis Has The Medicinal Benefits

There is no grain of doubt on the fact that cannabis is loaded with medicinal properties that are beneficial for managing multiple health conditions. Thousands of patients use the herb daily to manage conditions like sleep disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Cannabis is also used to manage opioid and alcohol addiction.

So, the fact it helps in fighting addiction, we cannot say that is addictive. There is a visible shift from pharmaceutical medicines to using cannabis. That’s because cannabis is natural and does not come with the harmful side effects of prescription medicines. As per a survey, opioids have killed nearly half a million people in the US between 1999 to 2018. Well, there is a term for people who get heavily dependent on cannabis with excess use. It’s known as marijuana use disorder and does no good to your body. So, if you ever hear people say that cannabis is addictive, it’s because they haven’t used cannabis the right way.

A Cannabis Doctor Can Help You

If you are confused about whether to use cannabis or not, a cannabis doctor can help you. They have the necessary experience and knowledge of cannabis that allows them to guide you effectively. Plus, they use in-depth scientific research and analysis to give you the best line of treatment. Medical marijuana doctors can screen your health and discuss your symptoms. He or she might ask you some questions that you need to answer honestly, This just helps in better analysis and aids in finding the right treatment.

It’s important to note that cannabis affects each individual differently. A lot depends on the tolerance and the kind of experience one has with cannabis. If you are a beginner, you need to start with a low dose. The doctor can help you find a dose that works for your body. Along with that, they can educate you about the different forms of cannabis. So, you can find it much easier to make an informed choice about using cannabis.

How to Find The Right Cannabis Doctor?

The best place to find a cannabis doctor is a 420 clinic. So, you need to find a cannabis clinic for yourself. To do that, follow these steps:


Start by searching for the best clinics in your location. It’s a good idea to have a look at the reviews and ratings. Pay attention to what people have to say about a particular clinic. This can give you a glimpse into their working prowess.

Check The Certifications

Any clinic needs to work hard to get a certification. Good service experienced doctors, and reputation is something that the authorities take into consideration before certifying a clinic. So, do ensure that the clinic has the necessary certifications.


Make a list of 3-4 high-rated clinics and compare them based on services, expertise, price, etc. Choose the one that offers the best mix of everything.

So, with the help of a cannabis doctor, you can dive into a satisfactory cannabis experience. Plus, make sure you take the right dose of cannabis for your health. Now, getting back to the question, ‘Is Cannabis Addictive?’ Well, if you use it correctly, believe the hoax.

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