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Top Cannabis Products to Try if You Are a Beginner

The cannabis industry is on the rise and it is estimated that it will grow even more shortly. The legalization of cannabis is moving at full speed ahead. As the industry is growing, we are seeing more and more cannabis products on the market. Did someone say ‘With more variety of products comes more methods of consumption’? Well, you surely get a chance to consume cannabis in various ways when you have different types of products on the market. This wide range of products allows both medical and recreational users to try different methods of consuming cannabis.


Now, the idea of using different products and methods of consuming cannabis can be really exciting for veterans. But this can cause a little confusion in the minds of individuals who are just entering the cannabis world. Especially for individuals who just got their 420 Med card and are looking to buy a perfect medical cannabis product. Choosing the right cannabis product for yourself is very important to get the desired results. Every cannabis product is made and consumed differently. Hence, you will also have different experiences with every product. So, if you are thinking of trying cannabis for the first time, we are here to help you. Here’s a list of top cannabis products that you can try if you are a beginner. This list will help you choose a product for yourself according to your needs and preferences. So, let’s just dive into it.

Vape Pens

The stories of people getting too high can sometimes scare new users a little. Not to mention, you are new to cannabis and not familiar with how it’s going to affect you. For most newbies, smoking a joint can be too tricky, so vaping could be a better option for you.

Portable vape pens have gained a lot of popularity among cannabis enthusiasts in recent times. They are becoming fan favorites because of how easy they are to use. You just have to press a button on your vape pen and inhale the vapors produced. That’s all! And there are also other benefits associated with it, such as no harmful effects on your lungs. It is also very easy to dose, as you simply have to take small puffs. In addition to all this, vape pens are also very discreet and the aroma of vapor does not linger in the air too much. Thanks to their small sizes (similar to a pen), you can easily carry them around in your pocket or bag. Just get your 420 cards and invest in a vape pen to use your medical cannabis.


While there are some fun ways to consume cannabis, such as edibles, I still suggest you go for tinctures. Many people choose edibles so that they can consume cannabis without having to smoke it. However, edibles have a few drawbacks. It can be tricky to do with edibles, especially for new users because edibles take time to kick in. Also, the high produced is very intense and lasts for a longer period. This is why it is better to choose some other method. One great option is using tinctures.

There are just so many benefits of taking cannabis sublingually using tinctures. All you have to do is place a few drops of tinctures under your tongue. Then hold it there for about 40 to 70 seconds. The biggest advantage of using tinctures is that they are fast-acting. And if you don’t want to get high, you can choose to get CBD tinctures or low-THC tinctures.

CBD Topicals

If you are looking for something that provides amazing medical benefits without any high, choose CBD topicals. You don’t have to smoke them or ingest them. Instead, they are applied to your skin. CBD topicals include CBD-infused creams, ointments, balms, salves, and lotions. These products are widely used for getting relief from pain in a particular area. CBD topicals can be very beneficial for people suffering from arthritis as topicals can provide relief from pain and inflammation.

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Top Side Effects of Cannabis Edibles and How to Handle Them

Edibles have been here for some time now. Today, they are becoming even more famous than the oldest and most traditional way of consuming cannabis- smoking. Considering the risks associated with smoking, many marijuana users prefer consuming marijuana in the form of edibles. And when you have applied for a 420 med card to treat a medical condition of yours, you don’t want to use the herb in a damaging way.

But is consuming cannabis in the form of edibles completely safe?

Certainly not. If you are not careful while using cannabis edibles, there are many side effects of it. 

But hey, it doesn’t mean you just stop consuming it. Yes, cannabis edibles have a few risks associated with it. But the method is still a lot better than inhalation. Also, most of the side effects of cannabis edibles are avoidable. In short, you don’t have to worry at all. All you need is some basic information, and you’ll be fine.

In this post, we have discussed a few of the most common side effects of cannabis edibles and how to avoid them.

What Makes Edibles Different From Smoking?

Edibles are quite different and certainly better than any consumption method that involves inhalation. But what exactly makes this method different?

See, when you consume cannabis via smoking, the cannabinoids enter your lungs. From here they are transferred to your bloodstream. However, cannabinoids are not the only things entering your lungs when you smoke. With this, you are also inhaling burnt particles, and possibly, carcinogens. And these can be quite harmful to your health.

However, with edibles, you do not have to worry about any such thing. Edibles, like any other food, follow the digestive path of your body and metabolize in your stomach. And from here only, the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream. Given this, the effects of cannabis edibles are quite different than smoking in terms of speed, potency, and duration.

Cannabis Chocolate

Here are a few ways the effects of cannabis differ from smoking:

  • Onset Time: The time it takes for the effects to appear while smoking cannabis is much less, i.e. 5 to 10 min. However, with edibles, cannabinoids may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Duration: With smoking, the effects last only for 2 to 3 hours. While with edibles, they may persist for up to 10 to 12 hours.
  • Potency: Edibles may be less potent than smoking, as, in this method, an amount of cannabinoids is wasted while digesting them.

The effects of cannabis edibles though depend upon a lot of factors, including your diet, body structure, metabolism, etc. So, while consuming them, you need to be a bit careful. Otherwise, you may have to face some severe side effects.

Side Effects of Consuming Cannabis Edibles

As mentioned above, the effects of cannabis edibles may take some time to appear. And the overall time varies from person to person. Having said that, the chances of overconsuming edibles accidentally are very high, especially if you are new to it.

Here are a few of the most common negative effects you may experience after consuming marijuana edibles:

  • Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth, which is also known as dry mouth, is one of the most prominent side effects of cannabis edibles. Experts are still trying to find the exact reason behind this phenomenon. However various studies tell us that the main culprit here is THC. When you consume THC, it causes the submandibular gland to stop the production of saliva in your mouth. And this causes cottonmouth.

  • Red Eyes

Red eyes are perhaps one of the easiest ways you can spot a stoner. And here too the reason is THC. THC causes the blood vessels around your eyes to dilate which causes redness and dryness in the eyes.

  • Anxiety and Paranoia

This is probably one of the most problematic side effects of consuming cannabis edibles. Yes, cannabis is also used as a medicine to treat anxiety. However, you should note that the effects of the herb are biphasic. This means it induces different effects depending upon the dosage. Having said that, the chances of overconsuming are quite high with edibles. And if it happens, you may get anxious and paranoid.

  • Psychological Problems in Teenagers

There have been various studies suggesting that cannabis can be quite harmful to a teenage brain. And the effects can be very long-lasting. The reason behind this is that, at this age, the brain of the person is not fully developed. Thus, repeated consumption of THC may have ramifications.

Along with the above effects, edibles may also make you feel tired, lose your sense of time, change your visual perception, and cause short-term memory loss.

As you can see, the above are all quite typical side effects of cannabis. However, the problem with edibles is that the effects take time to kick in. Given this, the instances of people overconsuming them accidentally have become very common.

So, how to save yourself from these side effects of cannabis edibles? The tips given below can help you.

Tips to Reduce The Side Effects of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

The thing you should always remember about cannabis is that, no matter how much you consume it, the effects won’t be lethal. However, when you have the option to avoid overdosing, why risk it?

Here are the solutions to the most common side effects of consuming cannabis edibles:

  • Dry Mouth: As we read, dry mouth is caused by a halt in the production of saliva in your mouth. And thus, you can manage it by keeping a glass of water or juice handy when you are consuming edibles. Just keep sipping on a non-alcoholic drink as you enjoy your cannabis, and you can avoid dry mouth without any problem.
  • Red Eyes: Keeping yourself hydrated can also help you avoid red or dry eyes in many cases. However, if you do not find relief with this, you may use some good quality on-the-counter eyedrops.
  • Anxiety and Paranoia: To avoid a situation where you are completely paranoid and over-anxious, you must stick to a dose with low THC. Furthermore, as you consume a dosage of edibles, make sure you wait for a few hours before you consume more. Otherwise, the effects of both doses will combine, and it may become extreme. Additionally, always consume in a familiar environment with some trusted people.
  • Fatigue: Again, consume at a place where you are comfortable so that even if you pass out, it won’t be a problem. You should not consume edibles at a place from where you have no way of getting back afterward.

In addition to this, you must store your edibles in a place where no one can reach them easily. This is especially important if you have kids at home. Plus, make sure you have a 420 med card. This will keep you safe from any legal troubles in case a kid consumes them accidentally.

Final Words

Yes, edibles are fun. And given its medicinal benefits, many medical users are ditching smoking and turning to it nowadays. However, it doesn’t mean edibles do not have any side effects. Marijuana edibles may cause various negative effects on careless consumption, as we studied above. 

Fortunately, most of these effects are very easy to tackle. You just need to be a bit careful while consuming edibles, and everything will be fine.

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