Harvest Medical Marijuana: 4 Tools And 1 Medical Marijuana Growers License Will Do Your Job

The task of growing medical marijuana is daunting. You need a lot of skills, good lights, medical marijuana growers license, the best soil, and temperature control. The process goes on until a solid crop is born and ready for the harvest. As soon as the harvesting procedure sets in the excitement to put them to use also starts growing. Especially if it is being used for medicinal purposes.

So, if you are likely to enjoy the process of harvesting the cannabis crop. Here are five tools that you definitely need to complete the process.

A Good Pair of Trimming Scissors

Trimming scissors come in various shapes and sizes. There are curved blade pruners, straight-tip trimming scissors, and micro-tip leaf trimmers. You can choose the one that best fits your crop. But make sure you take the blade, weight, brand, handle and spring into account.

Straight tip or curved is only a matter of choice. Both will work well with your crop. Soe growers prefer straight tip because, it directly, nips the buds of the plant. Curved tips are good for the manicuring of the delicate parts of the plant. If you have extra money buy both the scissors and put them to good use.

Drying Racks and Dehumidifiers

Once you have used the trellis to dry your plant. Its time to hang them using drying racks. Racks are highly useful. They will keep the terpenes intact and thus prevent them from decaying. After you have hanged the drying rack in an appropriate place. Use dehumidifies to maintain the level of moisture in the air. You don’t want your buds to get affected by mold. So, these are two important tools to level the humidity in the air.

But the concern here is two-fold: Excess humidity and low humidity. Extra dry buds and moisten buds both are not good for consumption. Make sure you keep the air moving in the room you decide to dry the cannabis crop.

Tarps and Disposable Gloves

These two items play a major role. Tarp will come handy once you chop the buds off. You can use the tarp sheet for the process of placement. Paper and cloth are also welcome. But there are chances that the crop might leave residues behind. This is why it is advised to use a simple tarp and I hope you have your medical marijuana growers license.

If you are harvesting the crop with your bare hands. There are chances of losing components like sugar and terpenes from the plant. Both of them are essential to maintain the longevity of the crop. This is why it is mandatory to use gloves. You will not come directly in contact with the plant and your hands will stay clean.

Cannabis friendly Shears

If the grow is humungous, you definitely need a pair of heavy-duty shears. A large grow is impossible to be trimmed by scissors. As far as harvesting is concerned trimming is a major part of this process. It is essential to trim the buds to keep them away from humus and decay. You can also use a trimming machine. Though it might cost a little more than you thought. But the investment is not bad for massive grows.

The blade of the shear should be sharp enough and the spring should provide substantial torque. It is mandatory to cut the plant in an even manner. Next time you buy a shear make sure you check the strength of the blade.

Having these tools will definitely help you enjoy the harvest season. Not only this you will also yield a good amount of crop. So, put your medical marijuana growers license into use. If you haven’t already and enjoy the harvest of the cannabis crop.

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